Body Of 4-year-old Refugee Washes Up On Beach

One female inmate, who has not been identified for her protection, said she feared being killed if this happened.


YEMEN/CLASHES: Clashes in Yemen will be followed.

Harrowing pictures of three-year-old Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi, whose body was found washed up on a Turkish beach after the boat carrying his family to the Greek island of Kos sank, caused an outpouring of emotion around the world, pressuring European leaders to step up their response to the refugee crisis.

The report said the Turkish coast guard rescued the other 14 passengers, including eight children.

“If they send us back to Syria we will die”.

Some of the refugees and migrants didn’t know when they arrived that some European countries had put in place measures to control the flow but expressed their determination to go anyway.

“In general, we have a no-returns policy, so I don’t know where that claim comes from”. We will manage anyway.

“The suffering and risks for thousands of refugees and migrants are meanwhile increasing as uncertainty and a lack of information fuels desperation, raises the likelihood of further incidents, and stokes hostility towards people who have fled persecution and conflict and are in need of help”, the United Nations said in a briefing on Friday.

Syrian refugees hoping to cross the Turkish border into Greece or Bulgaria can leave, but neighboring countries are not taking them in, Turkey’s Trade Minister Cenap Asci said on Saturday.


At least 15,000 refugees mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq were funnelled from Croatia into Hungary and then onwards to Austria over the weekend, the Austrian news agency APA said, after Hungary temporarily gave up trying to stop refugees from crossing its border. On Tuesday, the IOM said the number of crossings had jumped by more than 32,000 since the previous Friday.

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