Boehner: No government shutdown

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said he and Boehner will begin talks with the presidentvery soon” that might cover spending levels for fiscal years 2016 and 2017.


McConnell spoke as the Senate wraps up a debate he engineered on a temporary spending bill that would keep the government open while the negotiations stretch through the fall.

Ending weeks of infighting, the U.S. Congress on Wednesday voted to avert a government shutdown just hours before a midnight deadline, passing a stop-gap measure to extend funding for federal agencies until December 11. “How much of that could come together before Speaker Boehner leaves, I have no earthly idea”, McConnell said. Obama can’t get new programs passed as long as Republicans hold Capitol Hill.

On Friday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) shocked Washington when he announced he would resign on October 30.

As the Blue Dog Democrats who once represented such districts vanished, newly-elected Republicans tended to be far more conservative than those who joined Boehner in the 1990 GOP freshman class. Asymmetrical polarization-in which both parties have polarized, but House Republicans have grown far more conservative than House Democrats more liberal-is the most important change in the House over the past generation, producing a House with more unified party caucuses and a GOP caucus that’s very conservative.

House Republicans also voted symbolically to defund Planned Parenthood, though that measure will go to the Senate, not the president’s desk.

The Conservative indictment of the “leadership” of Boehner and McConnell has been that they have regularly failed to stand for conservative policy and have all too readily caved-in to Obama on matters such as funding Planned Parenthood, Obama’s illegal executive amnesty, spending, the deficit and raising the national debt ceiling.

McConnell has grown completely out of touch with the American people during his three decades in Washington.

If a Republican president comes around, though?

“It does look like Congress is on track to take the steps that are necessary to prevent a government shutdown – at least for now”, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters traveling on Air Force One with Obama.

“If he kind of clears a few of that stuff off the deck then the new speaker will have a little bit of time to grow into the position”, said Theriault, “But if those issues are still relevant and if we’re still talking about them, then that new speaker is going to be baptism by fire”.

“It takes two to tango”, said Sen. “If you’re not willing to let the spending expire and start anew, you have no leverage”.

Even though Democrats lost control of the Senate in the 2014 elections, they still retain enough seats to block a normal bill to repeal Obamacare, since it would require a supermajority of 60 votes.

I don’t want to leave my successor a dirty barn”. The group says it is doing nothing wrong and isn’t violating a federal law against profiting from such practices.

Texas Alliance for Life applauds the strong efforts of Republican leadership in Congress to move forward with a strategy of shifting funds from Planned Parenthood to better providers of women’s health services – providers who are not part of the abortion industry. He quickly added: “Obviously, you don’t want to see our guys beating the heck out of each other“. “It’s that the Republican leadership in both houses will not fight for a single priority that we promised the voters we would fight for when we were campaigning less than a year ago”, Cruz said. Recall that McConnell endorsed Rand Paul’s primary opponent in 2010-and, when asked what he thought of all the Tea Party candidates rising across the land to challenge incumbents, vowed to beat them. So it would appear that Republicans are now actively trying to gin up the global resistance that they’ve long said was insuperable.


The White House weighed in Monday with a statement endorsing the measure since it would allow “critical government functions to operate without interruption, providing a short-term bridge to give the Congress time to pass a budget for the remainder of the fiscal year”.

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