Boeing signs deal to sell 300 jets to group of Chinese firms

The following morning, Xi was to meet with about 30 American and Chinese business leaders, including the heads of Microsoft, Apple, Alibaba and Chinese Internet group Tencent Holdings. Or blend influences of both countries?


“China and the US are good partners now, with Boeing and Microsoft”, Hu said. Other issues will more clearly underlie mutual benefit, including climate change and economic cooperation.

But it could also mean a boost to Washington state businesses and interests who sell or buy products in China.

“The two sides are still pretty far apart”, said Adam Segal, a cybersecurity expert at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York. Therefore, meetings between high-level leaders are of the utmost importance in setting the tone and agenda of the overall bilateral relationship.

ADAM SEGAL: We don’t know exactly how many companies have been hacked because lots of companies don’t like to talk about it. But there is an old joke in the cybersecurity community that there are two kinds of companies – those that have been hacked and those who don’t know it yet.

[SEE: Political Cartoons on the Economy]. Their vitriol against Boeing’s decision comes just as the China’s President Xi Jinping is visiting Seattle (Boeing is based in Washington).

Decorations incorporated prints of a pheasant, the native bird of China, the country’s national color yellow, and jewel tones inspired by the work of American artist John James Audubon.

On Wall Street, traders use “China” as an excuse for recent market volatility and losses. In China, it’s simply understood that entering the market means navigating an opaque regulatory landscape and making small compromises. Therefore, Beijing’s leaders are keen to signal that China’s economic fundamentals are sound. But as Xi arrived in Washington late Thursday for a grand state visit, it’s clear that Obama’s overtures have produced decidedly mixed results. The photo ops and video footage beamed back to China will bolster Xi’s status by association.

Security will be tight around the Westin during Xi’s three-day visit. China is second, at $11.3 trillion.

Boeing, which is locked in a fierce battle for plane orders with European rival Airbus, will build its first aircraft completion plant outside the United States in China in order to gain a foothold in that important market, say industry observers.

While status is a driver, this does not preclude the summit from achieving substance.

Officials said the relationship between the USA and China is complicated but that it could be argued they are working together on a broader array of issues than ever before.

I hope this message helps you better understand the context of President Xi’s visit and its significance for our future success.

“Cybertheft of commercial secrets and hacking attacks against government networks are both illegal”, Xi said. “China will never close its open door to the outside world”, Xi said, according to a translation of his remarks.

Chinese companies will need to adapt to the United States way of doing business and the speed of aligning with U.S. partners.


Chinese officials have summoned top American tech executives to Seattle for a forum Wednesday in a show of force that could make the Obama administration’s standing in Silicon Valley appear weak by comparison. She and another banker’s wife were convicted in 2009 by a federal jury in Las Vegas of helping launder the proceeds and violating immigration laws, including entering the country illegally and gaining USA citizenship through fraud.

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