Bold Predictions For Alabama vs. Georgia

Through four games, Lee has five tackles (four solo) and one batted pass. The Crimson Tide’s title hopes would be all but dashed with a loss Saturday.


Georgia, for instance, suspends athletes for 10% of a season for a first positive marijuana test – a harsh penalty compared to its competitors.

College football really gets going this weekend with five games between Top-25 teams. Overachiever. Does everything that any coach would ever want a player to do.

But the Southeastern Conference’s No. 2 rushing offense against the top run defense clearly is the most compelling matchup to watch.

This game is crucial to both teams, but maybe more so for Clemson. “He’s been very disruptive”.

Get one roundup of college football stories, rumors, game breakdowns and Jim Harbaugh oddity in your inbox every morning. The scolding she gave fans after the ’13 Iron Bowl really refocused the Alabama base.

Is this the year for Georgia?

But Georgia’s going to run the ball.

Saban also defending the offensive line’s play in that game as well. It was hard not to be impressed by the 32-point pasting the Bulldogs put on South Carolina.

I know this is off the radar, but I’m stoked about Florida and Ole Miss.

All picks against the spread.

Right now, there are only two ranked teams on Georgia’s schedule. So you beat a powerhouse, then who do you become? Chubb is turning upfield with both Pyke and Hicks, two blockers with excellent footwork, leading the way. One thing’s for sure, it wasn’t championship-calibre D. Reggie Davis needs to commit to his fly route. I’d go as far as saying he was the recruit most influenced by the outcome, even though he wasn’t there.

Frankly, I think they will be better off if they lose at Tennessee next week than if they lose on Saturday.

UGA is taking steps to make more parking available and accessible.

Parker finished the game 13-for-16 and picked up the school record for career passing yards.

FILE – In this September 26, 2015 file photo, Georgia quarterback Greyson Lambert (11) throw under press … That’s impressive to do throwing against air. I mean, it’s Florida.

Can Mark Richt overcome his reputation (deserved or not) of not being a big game coach? It came up short of the end zone.

Another way Schottenheimer and company have given Lambert comfortable reads is by utilizing the threat of the run to create mismatches on the outside.

CBS will televise the game between the No. 8 Bulldogs and No. 13 Alabama. That decision will be made later, though.

The Tigers have the No. 3 pass defense. The perk to pulling the center is that it is impossible for the defensive front not to notice that he’s wrapping around to the outside.

It has not happened due to Georgia looking better on paper. Elder is way off of Mitchell, giving him a ton of space to plant his foot and turn inside, and Jonathan Walton is still staring into the backfield. Nick Saban will have a game plan in place to slow down Chubb and company. When watching the game this Saturday, Alabama fans will be treated to an almost-perfect-copy of the Tide’s own defense. Overall, the quarterback’s 76.5 percent completion rate is second among qualified players. If he can avoid turning the ball over, Georgia has the edge in this one.

Add it all up, and Georgia presents an image of a school that does not pursue championships with the same vigor as an Alabama or Auburn. Isaiah McKenzie is obviously the biggest concern.

After the snap, Orth is reading Abram to see what he does.

But Alabama is in unfamiliar territory. The similarities don’t end there, though. The Alabama Crimson Tide will travel to Athens to take on the Georgia Bulldogs. All signs point to Nick Saban, whose “Process” is not necessarily NFL-friendly, but tends to produce a few of the most talented prospects in the nation.

Because the ground is saturated at the intramural fields complex off College Station Road and can not withstand vehicle and foot traffic, this area will be closed. Jones’ buffoonery – his misuse of timeouts and failure to go for a 2-point conversion with a 12-point fourth-quarter lead, among other mistakes – was the sole reason the Volunteers folded in a 28-27 loss at Florida last week.

In big SEC games, the first thing to get questioned is the play calling.

Kelly tries to treat the criticism the same way he takes the praise: block it out.

Georgia, while respected, lacks that certain swagger found in champions. We’ve kind of been blowing out every team we’ve played so far. Richt dealt Nick Saban his first loss with the Crimson Tide in 2007. Floyd, Jenkins, and sophomore Lorenzo Carter are three of the best linebackers in the country. There’s not much of a cheat sheet going in.

Lane Kiffin loves horizontal passing.

Caldwell said a great week of practice prepared him for Georgia. On the other side, quarterback Jake Coker will look to lead Alabama back to the top of the SEC. But it was young Dillon who broke with tradition and jumped the wall, signing with the Crimson Tide in 2012.


Don’t expect the Rebels to do any complaining, though, because for the second straight year Alabama’s fumble issues on kick returns played a huge part in Ole Miss pulling out a win. Luckily, picking Arkansas on Wednesday resulted in a profitable 5-3 week instead of a barely break even 4-3-1 slate.

#8 Georgia Bulldogs vs #13 Alabama Crimson Tide Preview