Boston failed to deliver on ‘promises’ to US Olympic Committee — IOC

Los Angeles sought to be the U.S. candidate to host the 2016 Games but was beaten by Chicago, whose bid was ultimately rejected by the global Olympic Committee in favor of Rio de Janeiro.


Baker, during a press conference with House Speaker Robert DeLeo and Senate President Stanley Rosenberg, would not say specifically whether he was disappointed or relieved by the USOC’s decision. If the voters feel the organizers have been open and transparent, and answer all their questions about funding, the bid would be submitted.

Los Angeles hosted the 1932 and 1984 Olympics and now seems poised to enter the 2024 contest. It has, on the whole, embraced its previous role as host, and much has been made about its ability to run the games on a surplus and with a minimum of public financing.

Boston 2024 declined to comment for this story. And why rush a bid (which would have to be complete by September) that could diminish your chances of winning the Games?

Other world cities reportedly in the running include Paris, Rome and Hamburg, Germany.

“We have this commitment and we are sure that USOC will deliver on this commitment, and that we will have on Sept 15 a bid from the United States”.

July 27 – Walsh again insists he won’t bend to pressure to sign on to any host city contract linking taxpayer dollars to cost overruns.

USOC officials have the same sense of entitlement that characterizes the worldwide Olympic Committee. “It’s not a good deal for taxpayers”.

LA, as the Californian IOC member Anita DeFrantz told us recently, is “perpetually ready” to host a Games. And statements – supported by a puzzling and intricate group of insurance plans – that the community wouldn’t be on the connect for the multibillion- money athletics function never received traction. Many residents in Boston chafed, saying that Boston already is a world-class city. We are a city with an important past and a bright future.

The public has also grown tired of a lack of transparency among officials who want to bring the Olympics to the city.

Throughout the Olympics debate, Dempsey said Boston didn’t need the games to make big improvements.

Draisen says while some projects may move forward, many will be slowed without deadline nine years away.

“People are focusing on, “oh, Boston 2024 did this” or “oh, the USOC did that” or ‘so and so said this, ‘” she said.

“That’s not the way the bid is pulled”, Walsh said. He later allowed, “It could be more than that”.

No Boston Olympics co-chair Christopher Dempsey said something similar.

“They kept raising the bar on Boston all along”, Walsh told our Here & Now program Wednesday.


Even after his experience with London, Szymanski believes one model can succeed for a U.S. city hosting the games. “He said this can not be left to the Japanese government alone”, former prime minister Mori added. “I would be happy to engage in discussions with the USOC about how to present the strongest and most fiscally responsible bid on behalf of our city and nation”.

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