Brady Campaign Calls for Universal Background Check Laws

Between those two surveys, the proportion agreeing with the idea that gun ownership protects people from becoming victims of crime increased from 48 per cent to 57 per cent. “(I) welcome a bipartisan debate on ways to make our communities safer, while also preserving the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans”.


Senators Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren are calling for national action on stricter gun control legislation, one day after a shooting rampage at Umpqua Community College in rural Oregon that left nine people dead and 7 wounded.

Perhaps instead of the president politicizing the deaths of around a dozen Americans, killed for professing their religion, he should first answer a simple question: why are there more mass shootings like this under his watch than under George W. Bush’s watch?

Using numbers from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, CNN reported that 316,545 people died by firearms on USA soil from 2004 to 2013 – a thousand times more than 313 killed by terrorism.

“Then we locked the doors, turned off the lights and … we were all pretty much in panic mode and called 911 and our parents and (said) “I love yous” because we didn’t know what would happen, if those were our last words”. In an effort to avoid criticism for “politicizing the issue” – though he argued guns threaten the body politic – President Obama asked media outlets to publish gun violence stats.

“This has become routine”, Obama said. “It is not enough“, Obama said, at times wandering away from his prepared text, now achingly familiar to his speechwriters.

“There are way too many guns out there that are not registered and I think people can get guns right now anywhere they want“. The gunman, who was killed in a shootout with police after the attack Thursday, wrote that he would be “welcomed in Hell and embraced by the devil”, according to NBC News.

The website began to collect the figures on known incidents just after 20 children were gunned down in December 2012 at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Overseas, these incidents typically happen near military installations.

They cite root causes of gun violence, including gangs and mental illness.

“I agree it may help a few but I don t see how you would stop it at this point”, she said.

“I think what we have is, we have copycats”, Trump replied.


Hours after the shooting, a visibly frustrated Obama urged Americans to press their elected leaders to enact tougher firearms safety laws, and he criticized those who in a knee-jerk fashion oppose “common-sense gun legislation”.