Brady Hoke opens up on Michigan football

Chris Balas, senior editor for The Wolverine (Rivals affiliate covering Michigan), the Wolverines will wear white trousers at the request of new head coach Jim Harbaugh.


The University of Michigan football team is entering their final season under Adidas and according to reports they have decided to make a change to their road jerseys.

Unfortunately, no, they aren’t officially becoming a Maxim ripoff; their social-media accounts were just hacked.

In an interview Friday with Detroit Sports radio station 105.1, Hoke expanded on his new gig, as well as both his failings and successes from last season.

It’s going to be a little bit weird seeing the maize-and-blue not wearing maize paints on the road for the entire season, but considering all of the weird looks that Michigan’s worn during their time with adidas, this is actually a rather conservative look for them.

Hoke and the Wolverines went 5-7 last year – Michigan’s first sub-.500 season since 2009. The Tide’s athletic department made $153 million in the 2014-15 academic year, fourth-best nationally.


The closest U-M came to all-white uniforms was in the 2011 Michigan State game. In a season that featured an array of alternate jerseys, that version was one of the most notable.

Michigan Wolverines unveil all-white throwback road uniforms