Brazil to investigate Volkswagen cars’ emission in wake of US finding

But VW’s success in the States was short-lived.


“We have to stop fraud, and that’s why we have to get to the bottom of this”, he told German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung in comments published yesterday.

But on older models from 2009 to 2014, the fix may be more hard.

Winfried Vahland, former Skoda chairman, will lead Volkswagen’s USA, Canada and Mexico markets, which will be combined to form a new North American regional business unit. It was beginning to make headway, at last. Beyond that, Volkswagen is looking at other significant costs related to a recall of the diesel vehicles, lawsuits, state prosecutions and reimbursements to USA auto dealers temporarily unable to sell new diesel cars on their lots. Late on Friday it emerged that light trucks could also be drawn into the scandal. While the US has an extradition treaty with Germany, European regulators are also now investigating and could claim first dibs on prosecuting company officials.

Volkswagen’s diesel cars were found to be emitting up to 20 times more greenhouse gases than they reported, according to the company’s internal evaluation.

It didn’t give any further details except that they are not used anymore. How many tons are we talking about … here and all over the world? Measures to cut pollution, such as pushing exhaust fumes through a pipe of urea to break down the chemicals, were not working as advertised out on the road. The German automaker is now in the process of recovering from the news of its emission scandal, a source familiar to the situation said.

Not long afterwards the two regulators decided they had had enough.

Bild am Sonntag said that auto parts supplier Bosch had produced the device but warned the VW Group as early as 2007 that it was meant for test use only and that using it on the road to fake emission levels would be illegal. Just 6 percent of BMW’s USA sales were diesel models a year ago. This was followed by the CEO, Martin Winterkorn’s resignation. Then the markets opened on Monday, and within a few hours Volkswagen was 20pc less valuable than it had been before the weekend. “Afterward we will provide a timetable to modify the vehicles of affected customers”.

The agency sent a letter to manufacturers notifying them that it will no longer rely exclusively on laboratory testing to validate emissions performance.

Volkswagen AG’s diesel-cheating affair deepened as the European Union urged all 28-member countries to start their own investigations and the scandal threatened to ensnare rival BMW AG.

VW has been forced to acknowledge that it rigged emissions tests run on its diesel vehicle engines by employing special technology that only turned on during test conditions.

The transport ministry said the KBA had written to VW demanding it “commit to concrete steps and a timetable” to ensure its cars in Germany meet requirements. The episode is expected to trigger a massive recall.

The EPA said Friday that VW could face civil fines of up to $18 billion for violations of the U.S. Clean Air Act. Industry analysts say Winterkorn, an engineer by training, would have had to have known about such a far-reaching scheme.

VW has felt some of this pain already. The scandal has wiped out billions in the company’s market value and could bring billions more in fines and criminal investigations.

The EPA has conducted on-road testing on heavy duty trucks, rather than passenger cars, “because that’s where the emissions are”, he said. Drivers could have their torque and their high mpg too. Now they’ve been told they’ve done the wrong thing.

“They don’t need to know”, he said, of the automakers.


As per recent news, Volkswagen’s 2-liter diesels engines have been caught for producing up to 40 times the emissions allowed in the United States.

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