Britain’s new shadow chancellor apologises for saying IRA members should be

The group’s website has also published a personal explanation from Mr Corbyn on his decision to leave the role.


Asked if he believed John McDonnell could become chancellor in government, he said: “It seems to me to be hard but I’m willing to be surprised, I’m sure all clouds have a silver lining but I’m willing to be surprised”.

The new Labour leader told the Church Times on 18 September, that although his immediate family had a Christian background, he has a “Jewish element” in his background.

Mr Ya’alon was allowed to make several controversial statements on those matters without any meaningful challenge and the program makers have accepted that the interviewer ought to have interrupted him and questioned him on his assertions.

Ms Champion said the diverse range of shadow cabinet views evident this week do not look good but Mr Corbyn needed to be given a “a bit of grace”.

But Mr Benn said North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was the “conerstone of our security” and insisted he did not see Britain withdrawing.

Kerry Pollard, former MP and Labour prospective parliamentary candidate at this year’s general election, voted for Yvette Cooper, but maintained he would support Corbyn “all he can”.

PRIME MINISTER David Cameron dismissed Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policies yesterday, as he sought to reassure global investors that Britain is still “open for business” despite the newly-elected Labour leader’s latest claims that he would sign the United Kingdom up to an European Union financial transactions tax.

He said the new leader would find it hard to “get off the ground” unless he set out clearly where he stood on key issues.

Despite his unpopularity in his own party and a hard first week in post she says that Mr Corbyn will be able to harness the “surge of support” for policies such as scrapping Trident and ending austerity that she says gave the SNP a landslide victory in Scotland – wiping out Labour.

Starting out as a rank outsider who struggled to get on the Labour leadership contest ballot paper, Corbyn rode a wave of grassroots enthusiasm to emerge as the shock victor, but his rise has divided Labour. I’ve been a member of the Labour Party for 40 years and, like all of us, we will do our best, ” Darling said.

He added: “I’ve had some conversations with people… over the phone”.

“It’s an issue for us”, he told Question Time.

“Although it’s an honour it is not something I am seeking at this point as I have lots of irons in many fires and I want to continue pursuing those”.


The result has also sparked talk of a deep split within the Labour party that was thrown into turmoil by David Cameron’s shock May election win.

John Mc Donnell accepted that he had chosen his words poorly