British PM visits Beirut amid refugee crisis: Lebanon govt source

The image of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian boy washed ashore at a Turkish resort when his family was attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea in a bid to flee Syria, has shaken the conscience of the world.


David Cameron has visited a Lebanese refugee camp amid the crisis triggered by war in neighbouring Syria. But this has been an amazingly guarded secret! “They organise groups and send them out”. The Saudi were also supporting Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, etc, and had so far spent $700 million on such aid.

According to him, Prime Minister Cameron will again request the UK Parliament to start bombing Syria, but this will only increase the flow of refugees to Europe.

The Prime Minister met families living in the bleak surroundings of the Dalhamiyet Zahle camp less than a mile from the Syrian border in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, where 525 Syrians – including many children – are crowded into 90 tents laid out in ranks behind a breeze-block wall.

Cameron said he wanted “to see for myself and to hear for myself stories of refugees and what they need”.

Another 360,000 of the refugees in Jordan and Lebanon stopped receiving food assistance entirely last month.

“We’ve had that additionally with our camps right here”. Britain has also played a role in efforts to improve the effectiveness of the overall global response to the crisis. So while the aid agencies denounced Obama’s announcement as not doing enough by a country of its size and resources, many Republicans thundered that this would be the entry point for potential terrorists. “We don’t want another Boston Marathon bombing situation”. She and her children had fled the conflict in Syria and found a place to stay in another Palestinian camp near Tripoli in northern Lebanon.

The United Kingdom has refused to join an European Union scheme to resettle 160,000 of the migrants around the continent, and Mr Cameron stressed that – despite the scenes of refugees massing at railway stations and border crossings in Europe – the vast majority (97%) of displaced Syrians remain in their own country or neighbouring states in the Middle East.

Angela Merkel wants to take 850,000 “refugees” into Germany.

In Syria, our key objectives have been to meet the needs of the most vulnerable groups including in hard-to-reach areas, and to build resilience at individual, community and institutional level, enabling people to cope in the short term and provide the foundation for a future political transition.

Geopolitics ensures that President Assad’s military machinery in Syria is kept well oiled, in the face of worldwide sanctions, thanks to help from Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin, with Iran pitching in too. As years passed, the influx tended more toward Russian and Ukrainian refugees and, more recently, Burmese, Bhutanese-Nepali, Congolese and Somali.


Judging from the way that most of the immigrants are dressed, the amount we are told they have to pay the people traffickers, and the number of mobile phones in evidence, many have the means to travel to their preferred destination by air. “It’s not new. It’s been going on for four, five years already“.

British PM tours Syria refugee camp in Lebanon