Caitlyn Jenner Gets Emotional at Her Renaming Ceremony, Thanks New Family

“I want you to believe in yourself and know that you can deal with it. You can be okay”. Hopefully, as she continues to open her eyes to the trans-community, she will begin opening up to other communities and loosen some of her conservative views.


Meanwhile, Jenny read out an e.e. cummings poem entitled “i thank You God for most this amazing”, and Boy George also made a special appearance.

Anyway, after shooting down Caitlyn’s suggestions of going shopping together, Kris asks quite abruptly: “So wait, are you dating this girl called Candis?”

“Everything that she is discovering and understanding about the community is really kind of real time”.

The brunette beauty concluded her program with an intimate confession to her webcam where she committed herself to helping her community. As always, she says it was not her intention to hurt or bash anybody. “And that really got to me so bad that I couldn’t…I didn’t want to communicate with you and be angry”.

Cait contends that their relationship ended 80% due to drama and 20% due to a lack of acceptance for her gender identity. She wants their help backing her up in her performance at Caitlyn’s ceremony. Candis then meets up with the Gay Men’s Choir of Los Angeles to help her out with the event, and Boy George comes along to practice with everyone.

Caitlyn’s assistant Rhonda and hair stylist Courtney cheered in the audience, but her six children, four stepchildren and ex-wives were mysteriously absent. But guess who hasn’t seen the emotionally charged video?

Since it’s the finale, everyone interviews about their time with Caitlyn while see montages of past episodes. In addition, Caitlyn feels she is the one who has been wronged, as Kris didn’t reach out to her and even failed to invite her to their daughter Kylie’s graduation party. Chandi Moore says, “I can’t think of a time, ever, that I’ve so celebrated being trans”. In addition, embracing the Kardashian connection had a pragmatic component – offering a way to potentially assist in bringing “Cait” to the attention of viewers who might not have otherwise come to the show.

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Candis sings “Amazing Grace“.

“Caitlyn has been making so many physical and emotional changes in the past year”, Margolis told Architectural Digest, which debuted photos of Jenner’s redesigned living room and bedroom. Mostly Chandi. Please give me that, E!


Caitlyn just laughs and is then shown using her phone, basically ignoring the question. “But I also understand it takes some getting used to”, Jenner pens.

Caitlyn Jenner