Caitlyn Jenner Is Officially A Woman

I told them no questions about your lips and if you feel uncomfortable about your dad to move on”, her publicist says before she steps into the swarm of reporters.


Jenner has claimed that she was inspired to choose the name Caitlyn by a suggestion of her assistant while watching the Miss America pageant.

Today, Judge Gerald Rosenberg has finally approved the Olympic athlete-turned TV star’s request to officially shed “William Bruce“, and become “Caitlyn Marie”.

With that taken care of, Jenner can now apply for a new driver’s license and Social Security card, in addition to other government documents, such as a passport. As part of the paperwork filed in court, Jenner can also ask the court to order a new birth certificate be issued reflecting the changes made on Friday.

Jenner came out as a transgender woman in a television interview in April, when she discussed how she had been grappling her gender identity since childhood. This was after a request by Caitlyn, who said she has received “unwelcome negative attention from private citizens”, according to People.

Kendall Jenner has struggled to “let go” of Bruce Jenner.


Jenner’s sport utility vehicle crashed into two cars February 7, pushing a auto driven by Kim Howe into oncoming traffic. In the meantime Caitlyn’s eldest son Burt Jenner lately warned her haters in that she “will still whip you’re a** at anything”.

Caitlyn Jenner currently the star of her own reality show “I Am Cait,” wasn’t in the court Friday TMZ said