Caitlyn Jenner Kisses Kris Jenner in ‘I Am Cait’ Clip

Cait then surprised Kris with a sweet kiss on the cheeks when the photo was taken. Since the procedure is quite crucial in a transgendered person’s life, she decides to throw a live-entertainment bash, inviting her new girlfriends and LGBT friends, where she got to meet Boy George. “We all do”. She showed little empathy for her ex, often interrupting Kris instead of hearing what she had to say, and occasionally showing outright hostility.


The episode and the series ended with Caitlyn holding a renaming ceremony as she officially put Bruce Jenner in the past. Allyson said something I hadn’t heard before, that Joseph’s coat of many colors in the original hebrew is called a “princess dress”. Caitlyn has a remarkable way of sharing her ample spotlight. She’s overwhelmed as she mirror on how a lot she’s grown.

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles is rehearsing when Candis joins them. But guess who hasn’t seen the emotionally charged video? As the first season of my show, “I Am Cait“, comes to end, I find myself reflecting on my journey so far and just how rewarding it has been. “Thank you for being so good to me, I feel at home and I have a family“. Just because I think something is amusing or appropriate, doesn’t mean that all trans people feel the same way and vice versa. I’m proud of the progress she’s made. Although, honestly, I’d be more interested in some of the other women from the show getting their own spin-offs.

Caitlyn just laughs and is then shown using her phone, basically ignoring the question. What we were lucky enough to see was one of many heartwarming daddy-daughter moments caught on camera throughout the series, with Kylie putting in some electric blue extensions in Cait’s new do.

Robinson seems at faith and God not as enemies for the trans group, however as a part of a help system which will assist some.

It additionally appears, from Kris’ perspective, that Cait doesn’t deal with her with sensitivity, particularly when taking a look at how she treats the brand new trans ladies in her life.



The reality TV pair, who married in 1991 and finalized their divorce in March, have barely communicated since Caitlyn’s widely publicized transition, Entertainment Tonight reports. “I want to continue to grow as a person”. In lieu, Caitlyn Jenner is willing to do and accomplish all legal procedures to secure her new identity and encourage everyone in her tribe to do so. First, she finally gets a chance to speak to her ex-wife Kris Jenner about their issues. Only reinventing her image and devoting herself to educating people about being transgender, including herself.