Caitlyn Jenner’s freeing swimsuit experience

Caitlyn Jenner previously said she wasn’t ready to bare her body in front of her friends.


However, what are some of her best bikinis?!

Here’s a look at seven of the most enjoyable, fascinating moments from the third episode of I Am Cait. The group were reportedly shocked it was made from “real turtles”, but it still got eaten.

The pregnant “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” starwho is married to Kanye West – dined at Brennan’s in New Orleans with a group of friends and gave the generous amount to staff in recognition of the service they received for their $200 meal.

“Maybe down the line I’ll feel more comfortable with myself but right now I just can’t see myself doing”. It doesn’t mean that I would go that… For Caitlyn, it’s not really something she’s given much thought to. “It is so nice to be free”. Their split was finalized last December, before Caitlyn publicly came out as transgender. Caitlyn’s story isn’t just inspiring trans women – she’s inspiring the entire damn sisterhood with her confidence and bravery.

This week on episode three of “I Am Cait” everyone was happy to see Caitlyn Jenner finally get the nerve to step out in a bathing suit.

“When you tried to tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about because I…”, Khloe replies before a furious Caitlyn cuts her off.

One of the main through-lines of the episode is the growing alienation Caitlyn’s long-time friend Ronda Kamihara has felt since Caitlyn’s journey has become so public. According to her April interview, she has never been with a man.

Kylie, clad in a black sparkly mini dress, covered her mouth in shock when Tyga presented her with the white sports vehicle outside of Bootsy Bellows nightclub in West Hollywood where the starlet was holding her birthday bash on Sunday.

“[It’s] this place of euphoria and happiness”, Jenny explains. Do you think Jenner was simply borrowing the vehicle?

“I love to hear you say that”.

During dinner, the group discusses their sexual preferences and experiences dating as members of the trans community in America.


Caitlyn reveals she’s “only ever been with women” in the newest I Am Cait clip (Picture: E!).

Kris and Caitlyn Jenner pose for first picture together since Caitlyn's