California residents will meet water conservation targets for third

The mandate by Brown gave each city an individual conservation target based on water use in the same month of 2013, the year before Brown declared a drought emergency.


Ahead of the official release of the report concerning water conservation in California, one official stated that the state has met the mandate for the third consecutive month. Californians are generating seen steps forward on saving drinking water and encountering other temperature associated uses, yet still there’s continue to the open road ahead.

The State Water Resources Control Board, in its monthly tally of urban water conservation, said the savings rate for August was somewhat less impressive than July, when the figure hit 31.4 percent.

Max Gomberg, a senior climate scientist for the board, said the results meet the 25 percent savings goal set by Gov. Jerry Brown.

At the same time, Mr. Gomberg drew attention to the fact that despite the visible progress made across the state of California, considerable efforts are still required from all residents.

California is in its fourth year of devastating drought that has drained aquifers, led farmers to fallow thousands of acres of agricultural land and helped fuel a spate of deadly wildfires.

“We are hoping for all the rain and snow that we can safely handle”, Marcus said on Thursday.

One of the state’s top performers was the city of Morgan Hill, which reduced water use by 42.5 percent in August, bringing the City’s cumulative savings to 40.2 percent, well over its 28 percent conservation standard.

The board is also expected to release figures for August showing how each community is performing.


Drought is a natural phenomenon.

Officials say California to meet water conservation target