Capitol Hill Buzz: Meryl Streep asks Congress to revive ERA

It was introduced unsuccessfully in every legislative year in Congress from 1923 until it was finally passed in 1972.


Meryl Streep is fed up with inequality, and has taken action by writing a letter to the USA Congress urging the federal lawmakers to revive the Equal Rights Amendment, a proposed amendment to the Constitution which would guarantee equal rights for women, but has been dormant for four decades.

“A whole new generation of women and girls are talking about equality – equal pay, equal protection from sexual assault, equal rights”, she wrote.

Streep joins a growing number of prominent individuals and celebrities who have publicly reaffirmed their commitment to the Equal Rights Amendment including ex- President Jimmy Carter, Chelsea Handler, Rashida Jones, Jane Fonda, Tavis Smiley, Taylor Schilling, Lily Tomlin, Sam Waterston and Gloria Steinem, who serves on the board of the ERA Coalition.

And in a conversation with Michelle Obama for More magazine, Streep passionately discusses her cause: “We’re viewed as equals-but we’re still not there yet”, Streep says.

California congresswoman Jackie Speier, a Democrat, added her support.

The Nobel laureate, 17, was assembly with members of the House and Senate, campaigning for nations to pay for 12 years of free main and secondary schooling for all youngsters by 2030.

The Malala Fund, the nonprofit organization she founded, is urging leaders to “invest in books, not bullets”. Streep is supporting the ERA Coalition which wants to put women in the Constitution once and for all.

Malala gained world approval for her marketing campaign and final yr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Meryl Streep writes to Congress calling for revival of Equal Rights Amendment