Carly Fiorina avoids injury after stage collapses in San Antonio

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is okay after a scare on stage during her speech in San Antonio Sunday.


Fiorina, who is ranked third in the Republican Presidential nomination race alongside Marco Rubio, was taking part in a Q&A session for female business owners when the accident happened.

She then gave a special thanks to the women who were standing with her on stage and helped to shield her head as parts of the curtain and metal rods came tumbling down. “Carly wasn’t injured”, Fiorina spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said in an email.

According to Svitek, someone in the crowd shouted “Trump!” after the curtain fell.

However Fiorina quickly brushed the comment aside, replying ‘Trump, Carson, it could have been lots of people‘. The two women behind Fiorina on stage moved to steady the backdrop while members of the audience screamed. Fiorina later made light of the situation, telling the crowd “ladies, I’m plenty tough enough to be Commander in Chief”.

The former Hewlett-Packard chairwoman was unharmed.

Fiorina also declined to retract her description of one of the videos that she gave during the recent CNN debate, though fact-checkers have deemed it false. Still, the feisty candidate maintains her position.


As previously reported, Planned Parenthood supporters chanted and pitched condoms at Fiorina at the University of Iowa tailgate party in Iowa City Saturday, but Fiorina was unfazed.

Interrupting Carly Fiorina’s Speech in Texas a Curtain Collapses