Carly Fiorina Backs Away From Shutting Down Government Over Planned Parenthood

Dressed in pink, donning contraception costumes and waving pom-poms, Planned Parenthood protesters chanted at the presidential candidate, “Carly Fiorina offsides for telling lies” and “women are watching and we vote”. “Carly wasn’t injured”, Fiorina spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said in an email.


Texas Tribune reporter Patrick Svitek tweeted that someone in the audience yelled “Trump!” as the curtain fell.

Turning to her companions on stage, Fiorina thanked them for being her “guardian angels”.

However Fiorina quickly brushed the comment aside, replying ‘Trump, Carson, it could have been lots of people‘.

Two women onstage with Fiorina drew close to her, protecting her with their arms and hands as the curtains rumbled and fell; a security officer was seen in the video coming up to the stage to protect Fiorina as well.

Regaining composure, Fiorina looked out into the audience. Over the weekend, protesters pelted the former Hewlett-Packard CEO and current GOP presidential hopeful with condoms.

“Why”, Fiorina asked Shireman, who identified herself as a Planned Parenthood supporter at the start of their dialog. Still, the feisty candidate maintains her position.


On that occasion the metal pole across the top of the curtains came crashing down the the podium, knocking over and American flag and landing where Clinton would have been speaking.

Robin Jerstad  ZUMA