Carly Fiorina compares Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin on ‘Tonight Show’

To the tune of 50’s hit “Rock Around the Clock“, she gave the audience a sneak peak of the Snicker’s song that she sings for one of her two dogs: “My name’s Snick, and I’m lazy”.


The most recent CNN/ORC Poll, which took a look at what Republican voters thought post-debate puts Trump’s numbers at only 24 percent, an eight percent dip from his high water mark of 32 percent support.

And, of course, no Tonight Show appearance would be complete without a few Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin jabs. She said she sat with him for about 45 minutes.

“When you examine her record and the fact that she shipped 30,000 jobs overseas and forced those handsome employees to even train their foreign replacements, when these people come out to tell the story of Carly Fiorina like they did in my Senate race – I won that race in a landslide”, Boxer said. “But we’ll just leave it at that”, Fiorina joked. Fiorina had met Putin once during an APAC economic conference in Beijing.

As for Ms. Fiorina, she stood up to Vladimir Putin, saying she would not talk to him but she would build-up the 6th Fleet and force Mr. Putin to respect this country through “strength”.

“The two of them have a lot in common, actually“, she said of Trump to laughs from the crowd. Forget about her supporting the DREAM Act, although that’s bad enough.

On “The Tonight Show“, Fiorina serenaded Fallon with a song and discussed her primary opponents.

Trump, meanwhile, will be visiting Fallon’s late night competitor, Stephen Colbert, on Tuesday.

“I will say as president of the United States, 256,000 baby boomers are going to retire out of the federal government in the next four or five years“.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio benefited from his energetic eloquence in the first debate.

‘Obviously, last week gave me the second opportunity. “That’s what you see in the polls”. But there’s a long way to go and still many GOP and several Democratic candidates to sift through before a Clinton-Fiorina contest is a reality.

“I think that’s wrong”, Fiorina told host Jimmy Fallon.

After the second Republican presidential debate, it seems that front-runner Donald Trump may have lost his touch with the American people. “I don’t think Gitmo is broken, [so we should] keep it open”.


Fiorina continued: ‘It says in our Constitution that religion can not be a test for office. “I think the Republicans would have a very rough time if she was on the ticket”. Trump failed to discourage a supporter who called Muslims a “problem” in the US and who suggested getting rid of them, in addition to incorrectly calling President Barack Obama a Muslim.

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