Carly Fiorina: People Who Say I’m a Bad Person Are Liars

She says that poise helps her when she has to cut off a meeting or talk over people who are older or more experienced.


“It’s becoming obvious that the left and their allies in the media are terrified of Carly because she is everything Hillary (Clinton) isn’t – a candidate from outside the political class whose authenticity and grasp of the issues connects with voters because she has the track record to challenge the status quo”, a Fiorina campaign aide told NBC News. Not that we’d expect Fiorina to be honest about this, any more than we’d expect her to ever admit her tenure at HP was not an indisputable success, on account of how she nearly killed it to death.

Fiorina’s show-stealing performance in a Republican presidential debate last month, and her subsequent surge in the polls, has prompted industrialists Charles and David Koch to take a “serious look” at the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive, according to three sources close to the brothers.

No wonder then that Hillary Clinton is not trusted by many today; and she has fallen in the polls while candidates such as Vice-President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders are seen increasingly as alternatives. Also? She’s one of the worst CEOs in the history of CEOing.

“In other words”, wrote Nuzzi, “Fiorina has entrusted her money with an organization that funneled almost half a million dollars into Planned Parenthood“. But she read the candidate’s books and started following the media coverage.

Fiorina added that Brown would also be on her “long list” of potential hires.

A few things have gotten easier, like food.

Besides, Fiorina has built her own career, without piggybacking, like Hillary Clinton, on a spouse or cutting corners (often the whole cloth) to lie on matters such as her emails and the de facto illegal fundraising via the Clinton Foundation.

She has transferred to the little selection of contestants the Kochs may assist using their indicated $1 dollar b attempt lungs, the resource said.

After months of logging 12-hour days together on the road, Schieber is able to anticipate Fiorina’s needs. Recently, Boxer characterized Fiorina as “the face of corporate greed”. Fiorina has been disciplined, informed and focused on the trail thus far.

I couldn’t do it without Rebecca. I’m saying this is just the tip of the iceberg”.

“Certainly Charlie Baker is someone that should be considered”, Fiorina said.


For now, wherever Fiorina is headed, Schieber says she’ll be right behind her. Next up, is to “be the personal assistant for the president of the United States”.

ANTI-ABORTION GOP hopeful Carly Fiorina is calling for the president of Planned Parenthood to resign her post