Catherine Coulson, aka Twin Peaks’ Log Lady, Has Passed Away

Lynch said in a statement, “Today I lost one of my dearest friends, Catherine Coulson”.


“She had a great sense of humor – she loved to laugh and make people laugh”, Lynch said.

She portrayed the ponderosa-log-toting Margaret Lanterman in ABC’s “Twin Peaks” during its 1990-91 run.

Coulson was reportedly set to reprise her role in the new iteration of the TV series, having been cast in over half of the episodes for the show’s belated third season, set to air in 2017. She also returned to her Log Lady roots with a cheeky turn on Psych as the Wood Woman, as well as appearing in a role on Portlandia with fellow Twin Peaks alum Kyle McLaughlin. Lynch confirmed the return of the show on May 15, 2015. Coulson had previously been Wednesday to Eraserhead and fellow Twin Peaks star Jack Nance, before marrying Marc Sirinsky, and giving birth to a daughter. Coulson caught Lynch’s eye, no question. So we called her the Log Lady. In addition to starring in Lynch’s classic television series, Coulson worked as the assistant director on Eraserhead.

Since Twin Peaks, Coulson had been heavily involved in theatre, acting in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival for two decades.

Among her other credits as a camera assistant, Coulson worked on Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Modern Romance, and Night on Earth. However, her connection to Lynch went much further back than this series. She offered little hints as to her character’s narrative arc in the revived show, but told the Wall Street Journal that Lynch “suggested [she] talk about sustainable forestry”.


Catherine Coulson, aka “The Log Lady”, at the “Twin Peaks” Blu-Ray/DVD release party in 2014. “She was the Log Lady”.

'Twin Peaks' Actress Catherine Coulson (AKA 'Log Lady') Dies At Age 71