Celebrate Windows 95’s 20th Birthday By Resurrecting It On Your Computer

The controversy stems (mainly) from a line in the Windows 10 EULA that reads as follows. Some experts don’t agree with this stance from Microsoft, but it is leaving some users completely baffled about what is being installed onto their systems. But having your Wi-Fi password sent to your contacts and all your typing recorded proves that Microsoft has become a little over-zealous. That Start button has been in every version of the OS ever since – except for a brief absence in Windows 8, about which users complained so much that the feature was restored in the just-released Windows 10.


The Register added: “Updates that offer minimal information about their functions don’t inspire confidence”.

If Windows 10 can differentiate twins it can differentiate anybody very easily. However it’s debatable, as pointed out by PC Gamer, whether Windows 10 not supporting your outdated games legally entitles you to download them from third party torrent sites in any case. It told TorrentFreak that the Redmond-based tech firm lacks transparency over what data its new OS collects and how it is used. One of the twins initially had trouble getting Windows Hello configured, and in another instance, it failed to work altogether. In any case, it was only a matter of time before Windows 8 would be replaced – and a replacement has arrive that is allegedly so radical that Microsoft seem to have skipped Windows 9 altogether!

Of course, these are all familiar parts of the Windows experience these days – but at the time of Windows 95’s introduction, they represented a considerable change compared with previous releases. Website Irish Examiner quoted a piracy site as saying, “Windows 10 sends the contents of your local disks directly to one of their servers”.

All in all, the Windows 10 update situation is starting to look like a mess. The Start Menu, obvious in hindsight, gave a clear path for users to do whatever they want to do on the system.

Windows 95 also introduced Internet Explorer 4, which included an optional Windows Desktop Update and allowed users to view internet content directly on their desktop. “Obviously this goes way too far and is a serious threat to sites like ours which is why we had to take measures”, said iTS staff.

The software is considered one of Microsoft’s most influential operating systems, ushering in a new age of computing in the mid-1990s.


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