Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton sparks debate after posting photo in shower

But a few have opted for the alternative approach in their pearl-clutching complaints (and worse) against Perez Hilton’s latest shower selfie featuring son, Mario, 2.


Commenting on the snap, a few users wrote: “IS THIS A JOKE THEY’RE BOTH NAKED”, “Kinda creepy”, and “That’s just odd”, with one particularly nasty comment reading: “This is child abuse”.

He captioned the shot: “Our family motto is: #fun!”

However the most recent comments on the photo are supportive, with many parents sharing that they have bath time with their children, too.

Perez addressed the haters and told the Daily Mail, ‘Everyone does what they see fit as a parent. “Your son is clearly having a fun bath time and you’re clearly a very engaged father”. Personally, I enjoy putting on my swim trunks and taking a shower with my son as often as possible.

It was even debated on This Morning, with Denise, the show’s agony aunt, saying the picture was “normal” as a part of parenting, and asked: “Who do we allow to dictate our lives?” “Let’s face it; the fact that Hilton is gay is the only reason a few “brand it as child abuse,” wrote one of his fans on Instagram. “Seriously, if this were @ chrishemsworth and his son, people would not be reacting this way”. No need to explain yourself. “I’d rather do that than leave him unattended, which will not happen until he’s older and I’m confident he can be safe alone”. Shorts or not, nudity is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s how we teach our children about our bodies and how we respect ourselves.”, another added: “You don’t need to clarify anything.


The 37-year-old started his family in 2013 when Mario was born via a surrogate mother and an egg donor.

Blogger Perez Hilton under fire over nude shower selfie