Celebs Take Aim At The First GOP Presidential Debate On Twitter

For perspective, the first GOP primary debate four years ago, also on Fox, attracted 3.2 million viewers.


“To me, I think even those I disagree with, I’m going to be respectful”, Walker said. Fuzzy or “soft” clustering – unlike hard clustering, which would assign each speaker to a single cluster – allows candidates to fall partially into one cluster and mostly into another. Shortly after, John Kasich admitted he went to a gay friend’s wedding. Trump says that he went to the border last week and he talked to some people.

Trump said he got Clinton at his wedding because he gave to her foundation. And they need somebody like me to straighten out that mess. “I would say it’s pretty unprofessional, but we will live with it”.

That’s the tone Republicans have lost. “Does that sound to you like the temperament of a man we should elect as president?” That mindset creates an environment where nothing gets done- other than creating soundbites. Add Mopey Concierge of the United States to Jeb!’s job application. We have a good time. What the hell does Rand Paul mean that he wants to collect more data from terrorists and less records from innocent Americans? He also did not apologize for his statements about illegal immigrants from Mexico. In my view, Christie won the sparring between the two. I’m running to be commander-in-chief and to lead the greatest country in the world. It seemed like he was pandering to me.

Boos rained down on the boastful billionaire as he refused to promise he wouldn’t run against Republicans should they nominate someone else. Is he too smooth?

Donald Trump built a fence around the other candidates, and it was luxurious. That truth can change tomorrow or next week. “This was not a subject that was on anyone’s mind until I brought it up”. “Those countries are the source of the people that are now coming in its majority”. Rival executives and campaign aides also predicted unusually high ratings for the event, thanks to curiosity about Trump and the controversy over the “top ten” candidate criteria. Specifically in their announcement speeches, Trump differed from the rest of the field both stylistically and substantively.

So he did the thing that so many teens would have done, the thing that many presidential candidates might think twice about: he hissy-tweeted Kelly. It’s completely unprofessional, not presidential and bullying.

And don’t call it “political correctness”, Donald Trump. But as Trump explained, giving money to politicians bought him access and relationships, which he could leverage down the road in the form of favors.


Discussing the Fox News debate, of course, was not the first time that Trump’s and O’Donnell’s names were in the same headline. It did to me. Marco Rubio (Florida), business mogul Donald Trump and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and their opinions on display in Cleveland, Ohio. Only Mike Huckabee had debated at this level before. That’s fine. I’m proud of my dad and certainly proud of my brother. And I saw that.

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