Chafee thanks comedian O’Brien for unsolicited campaign song

Welcome to What’s Up With Lincoln Chafee, a new weekly series at Vox lovingly inspired by Videogum’s classic What’s Up With Topher Grace, in which we check in on the life and times of Lincoln Chafee. That’s OK, most Americans don’t know who the Democratic Presidential candidate is given he’s polling at 0% now.


Among the lyrics: “You don’t have to vote for him, just get him to 1 percent”.

He then invited on Aimee Mann and Ted Leo to perform an original, unsolicited campaign song for Chafee 2016. In order to do so, he enlisted the help of Leo and Mann to croon a little ditty to provide the viewer with a little information on the former Rhode Island governor. “I’m personally not going to vote for him”. Conan said during the segment. Okay? But I think we should at least get him on the board so he’s not humiliated.

The late-night host mentioned Chafee’s support for issues such as affirmative action, same-sex marriage and the metric system.

Used to be Republican / Switched to Dem in 2010 / The pride of Rhode Island / His horse’s hooves were stylin’.

Billboard later published a statement from Chafee provided by his spokeswoman. In response to the segment, Chafee tells WPRO, “I want to thank Conan for the attention!”

Chafee called O’Brien “a good sport”, adding, “I would definitely come on the show to help his ratings”.


You can check out the performance below. Even after this, they have a better chance of becoming President than Chafee does.

Screengrab via Team Coco