Chaffetz on House Speaker Bid: ‘I’m Probably Going to Lose’

I don’t doubt Rep. Boehner’s piety, his long held desire to meet the Catholic Church’s pontiff, and the feeling of completeness after meeting the spiritual leader to one-seventh of the world’s people. Also visible: Texas Reps.


Instead of McCarthy, a few more conservative Republicans have thrown their support behind Rep. Dan Webster (R-FL), who is not a conservative firebrand, but has pledged to run the House in a more open and inclusive manner. Transportation spending authority is set to expire October 29, the federal debt ceiling will be reached in early November, and a stopgap appropriations measure expires December. 11, raising the possibility of a holiday-season government shutdown.

But the votes for the rest of the GOP leadership team will wait until later, Mr. Boehner announced – delivering a win to those seeking to shake up the current team, and giving insurgent Republicans more time to try to build support for going a different direction. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy certainly deserved consideration, but failed his first big test. But if he doesn’t have the right stuff, who does?

Two members have stepped up to challenge Boehner’s protege – Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Florida Rep. Daniel Webster, both conservative outsiders.

Politico reported Chaffetz declined to name any endorsement or supporters during a Washington news conference.

Chaffetz was one of the loudest critics of McCarthy’s comments on Benghazi, calling on McCarthy to apologize for “a total mischaracterization” of the committee’s work. A Boehner spokesman said votes for all the leadership positions are still scheduled for Thursday.

Sessions is running against Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, the current chief deputy whip, and Reps.

But he added a new wrinkle by postponing the internal House GOP elections for majority leader and whip – originally expected to take place this Thursday – until after his replacement gets the gavel. – Cordell Simmons (@cordellsimmons) September 25, 2015Boehner’s rise to speaker of the House in 2010 was aided by the tea party. He is second in line to the presidency, behind the vice president. So far, though, McCarthy’s foreign-policy forays have done little to bolster his image. “Speaker candidates will be recognized for a brief opening statement and then respond to questions from members”. In addition, Boehner was a master fundraiser.

Gov. Gary Herbert, a Republican, said Monday he’s supporting Chaffetz’s bid for speaker. Boehner’s differences with these members of his own party ultimately were his undoing.

The battle for the future of the House Republican Conference is not about to end anytime soon. They have the largest majority since 1931, with 247 members to 188 Democrats.

Put another way: following the constituent power struggle and backroom politicking stemming from the speaker’s announced departure, which wing of the party will emerge as victorious and gain control of the reins to arguably the most powerful position in the American Congress?

But the Utahns have benefited under Boehner’s leadership.

Boehner hasn’t endorsed any of the leadership candidates, but has pointed to McCarthy as a suitable successor. Rodgers is well liked and may have elected to bide her time. True-red conservatives have been casting about for a standard-bearer to run for either speaker or majority leader, so far without success.


Or would it be the four-term congressman’s evil twin? Representative Gowdy is known for his investigation into the Benghazi attack and his support of a bill that would allow the House of Representatives to sue the President if it disagreed with how he enforced a law.

Speaker of the House John Boehner R Ohio and Republican members of the House of Representatives rally after passing a bill that would fund the government for three months while crippling the health care law that was the signature accomplishment of Presid