Cheeri-nos: Major recall of General Mills’ cereal because of “undeclared”

So she was thrilled to learn just recently that Cheerios had come out with a gluten-free option. Look for the factory code “LD” at the end of those dates – i.e., 17JUL2016LD. While a few people’s bodies are able to digest gluten with no problems, others – such as those who have the autoimmune disorder of celiac disease – experience symptoms when they consume gluten. “Two complaints of illness have been reported directly to General Mills related to the affected products”, said company spokesperson Kirsite Foster, CNN Money reported. General Mills will also be taking the affected cereal boxes off the shelves at warehouses and stores.


The recall announced Monday comes at a time when General Mills, based in suburban Minneapolis, is trying to bolster its sagging cereal business by ramping up production of gluten-free Cheerios. Cheerios tweeted how consumers can identify if a box they bought was affected. Other gluten-free Cheerios brands, such as Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Frosted Cheerios and MultiGrain Cheerios, are not involved in this recall, as are no other General Mills cereals, it said. We care deeply about making safe, nutritious, gluten free products more widely available, and we’ve worked very hard to ensure our products are gluten free.

General Mills has recalled Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios labeled as “gluten-free”.

“It’s the culmination of several years of hard work by hundreds of General Mills employees who dedicated thousands of hours to making it happen”, General Mills said on its blog in July.


Consumers can request a refund or contact the company for further information at 1-800-775-8370.