Chelsea crashes to fourth loss of title defense

“They will look to react after the loss against Porto in the Champions League”, he said.


“The whole team performance was ideal”, Saints boss Ronald Koeman said.

“It is not one I want to repeat”.

“You know why? If the club sacks me, they sack the best manager this club had”.

“It comes too late”.

” I think what you can do[refrees] is to be fair to us because we are already down”.

“It should happen after two, three or four [years] but it is something that is helping me to be better. It is a great negative experience”.

The result made Mourinho himself raise the prospect of Chelsea firing him – just as owner Roman Abramovich did in 2007 after three years of the Portuguese in charge.

Third, even more important that the first and the second, I think this is a crucial moment in the history of this club.

“I prefer a player that is not playing well but has confidence to try and is not influenced by the pressure or by a few reaction from the crowd”.

“It’s always about the next match”.

Mourinho claims the lines of communication remain open despite the poor play on the pitch.

“To be champions now is very hard because the distance is so much but I am convinced we will finish in the top four”. We communicate openly. No prima donnas crying. After the match it’s about calming down and going home.

Carneiro, who left the Premier League club last week, criticised the governing body in a statement released on Friday.

With this awful start, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has come under fire.

“I wonder whether this might be the only formal investigation in this country where the evidence of the individuals involved in the incident was not considered relevant”, Carneiro said in a statement.

Carneiro thanked Rabbatts for speaking up for her, saying: “I admire what Heather Rabbatts has done and thank her and friends and colleagues who have supported me at this very hard time”. “I read, and listen, and watch, and I am quiet”. “We can be here all day, my time to speak will arrive when I decide”.

Asmir Begovic will continue in between the sticks with goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois still out through injury.

“You know I consider myself with a big self-esteem and a big ego”.

The Premier League champions now sit 14th in the table after seven games, having just won twice in the league.


Hazard, this term, is a shadow of the player he was a few months ago, the ageing Terry is no longer a regular, midfield strongman Nemanja Matic seems to have lost the faith of his manager. And the first half was a game where we didn’t show our quality but we were in control, we were more than in control, and one mistake – a lack of concentration – one goal, and you have a tough time.

Mourinho enduring'worst period

Kieran O'Daly, 02 October 2015