China to snub arbitration hearing on feud with Philippines

The Philippine government said in March it was suspending exploration at Reed Bank while it pursued worldwide arbitration over its territorial dispute with China at a United Nations tribunal in the Hague.


In a position paper in December, China argued the dispute is not covered by the treaty because it is ultimately a matter of sovereignty, not exploitation rights.

The Philippine delegation waits inside a session hall at The Hague, The Netherlands, for the second day of the oral hearings on the Philippines’ case against China over the South China Sea.

However the Philippines hopes a ruling in its favour will pressure China into making concessions.

“I’m pretty sure it will take its time to write out its decision because the Philippine case is actually rather complicated, and it has presented many claims based on the statement and notification of claims – there’s at least 13 different claims there”, Batongbacal told CNN Philippines in an exclusive interview. Washington and other countries have expressed concern over China’s increasingly assertive actions, including massive island-building that they say have damaged vast coral reefs in the disputed waters. Parts of the EEZ contain rich fishing grounds and energy deposits.

“By the time, we complete this plan, we will have complete coverage of the South China Sea“, said del Rosario, a ex- fighter pilot, showing the military’s detailed plan that was approved on Friday.

He said there was no evidence Chinese ships had placed them near the Reed Bank, which is also claimed by Beijing. China admitted Tuesday that some of its reclamation projects in the Spratlys had been completed, Reuters said.

China prefers “peaceful means and bilateral talks”, Zhao said. Instead, Manila has invoked dispute settlement procedures under UNCLOS, a system that allows for arbitration even when one side objects and refuses to participate. “It should abide by its commitment of taking no position”, Hua said.

China has previously claimed that it has “indisputable sovereignty” over the entire South China Sea through the establishment of its nine-dash line claim.

Chinese diplomats and legal experts have been following developments closely and taking outside opinions, according to sources with knowledge of Beijing’s approach to the case.

“We believe the tribunal will look at our case with favor”.

Marine Colonel Edgard Arevalo, the Philippine navy spokesman in Manila, said he had not seen any report on the discovery.

Protesters display placards during a rally near the Chinese Consulate at the financial district of Makati city, east of Manila, Philippines, on Tuesday, on the complaint filed by the Philippines against China’s claims of the disputed islands in the South China Sea.


China deemed the act of the Philippines is running against the worldwide law and the historical truth as well as against morality and basic rules of worldwide relations.

For China the Philippines&#039 decision to resort to the UN Permanent Court of Arbitration is an act of betrayal between the two countries&#039 bilateral consensus