Chinese president advocates new type of int’l relations

China has been actively promoting more of the former in Africa, and less of the latter, which is sorely needed in a few of the least developed countries.


“The future of the world must be shaped by all countries”, Xi said in addressing the high-level session of the UN General Assembly for the first time.

On development, Xi called for an equitable, open, all-round and innovation-driven development path, stressing that no country should be left behind.

“The big, strong and rich should not bully the small, weak and poor”, Xi emphasized as he tried to call for a system of global diplomacy that sets to be worked on multilateralism and mutual respect.

Xi also announced several proposals to help underdeveloped countries, saying his country would provide $2 billion to support South-South cooperation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping began his recent visit to the United States with a stop in Seattle, where a September 22 dinner in his honor drew more than 700 businesspeople and dignitaries from China and the U.S. Among those in attendance was Suisheng Zhao, director of the Center for China-U.S. Cooperation at the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of worldwide Studies.

“It’s a bit more intergovernmental-focused, as Xi also reminded everyone in his speech that we’re in a new situation where emerging powers deserve the same and equal status as the established nations”, he said.

Xi said China will join the new United Nations peacekeeping capacity readiness system and China will provide 100 million US dollars as free military assistance to the African Union in the next five years to support the establishment of the African Standby Force and the African Capacity for Immediate Response to Crises.

Ranging from global peace and development to South-South Cooperation and women’s rights, President Xi has pledged China’s support in various aspects.

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday addressed Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, billionaire investor Warren Buffett and other top American and Chinese business leaders, vowing that his country would work to remove barriers to foreign investment and improve intellectual property protections.

Jose Manriquez, a professor with Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, said China’s development fuels the world’s economy, and Latin America, including Brazil, Argentina and Chile, has benefited from it. “He sees that type of city as very friendly to China”.

Beijing and Washington have taken concrete actions to reduce tensions.


The other aspect that’s very interesting to him is that Xi made very clear statements, linking domestic prosperity, including the Chinese dream, to global cooperation and advances in global institutions and cooperation, Tiberghien stressed. Making the world a better place for all is the stated aim. It is about ensuring that there is equality and justice.

Chinese President Xi Jinping laughs during a meeting