Chris Wallace Confronts Christie: You’ve Had Your Own Email Problems

Chris Christie called Hillary Clinton “a disgrace” on Sunday for her recent comments comparing Republicans to terrorist groups.


New Jersey governor Chris Christie says America needs a “strong law enforcer as president” in a new 30-second TV ad. In the spot, Christie, a Republican, lists off examples of “lawlessness in America and around the world under Barack Obama”, including the terror of ISIS, sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, drug problems, and “Iranian radicals with nuclear weapons”. “Can you imagine if we compared the Democratic Party to terrorist groups?” Mrs. Clinton deleted emails when she was under subpoena.

In his question to Christie, Wallace also mentioned deleted text messages, a reference to Christie’s conversation with an aide while she was attending a legislative hearing where top Port Authority officials were testifying about the lane closures.

Lawyers Christie hired in the wake of the bridge scandal to investigate his office criticized his staff for communicating through private emails and recommended in a report that the governor’s office institute an email policy similar to the federal government’s.

“We cannot compare that, can we, to someone having a private email server in the basement of their home, where they did all of the government business on a private email server in their basement?”

“Well, they’re not, but what my point was that this is once again a situation where the private sector laps us in the government with the use of technology”, Christie said.

“Everyone’s going to have their moment to be able to speak their mind”, the governor said.

“In his public statements, he maligned me and others for the investigation, so you can’t have it both ways”, Wisniewski told.

On the email issue, Christie also referred to Clinton as a “queen”, saying the “worst part about her is her arrogance”. Investigators have since determined that some of the emails did contain classified information, however, and the FBI is investigating the matter.

Christie also rejected criticism of his plan to track foreign visa holders the way FedEx tracks packages. “I don’t mean people are packages”. He told voters it was his 18th town hall in New Hampshire and contrasted his style of running with that of the Democratic frontrunner.



“The only tracking numbers that Christie should be concerned with is his poor job creation numbers and record nine credit downgrades”. “She did everything on that account and then when she knows people are concerned about it, she gets the server cleaned”, Christie said.

Chris Christie speaks with Mike Wallace on “Fox News Sunday,”