Chudinov vs Buglioni results: Fedor Chudinov retains WBA belt in landslide

Buglioni’s heart was admirable and huge.


Russia’s Chudinov, 28, was forced to postpone the fight that was first scheduled for July 24 after suffering a broken nose – when Buglioni instead fought, and stopped in six rounds, journeyman Fernando Castaneda – and the challenger has warned the champion that he has misread his potential. The Enfield native fought back in spurts, but couldn’t keep the Russian champion off of him. He clocked Buglioni with inside hooks and shots to the ribs.

Referee Terry O’Connor than took two points off from Buglioni for the shot. He tattooed Buglioni with stiff jabs and combinations to the head and body. My preparation has been absolutely fantastic and Chudinov is going to be really up against it. The 26-year-old Buglioni came out aggressively in round seven, hoping against hope that Chudinov was still feeling the effects of being knocked down. Buglioni wouldn’t quit, pounding his gloves together enthusiastically, but Chudinov is easily the better boxer.

Buglioni tried his best, but it wasn’t good enough.

Brook, 29, is exasperated by talk of a Khan fight – his full focus is on beating Diego Chaves at Sheffield Arena on October 24. It was no longer competitive from this round on, as Buglioni just looked gassed and beaten.

“He thinks I’m an easy option and he’s looking at the Khomitsky fight [a sixth-round stoppage defeat] and getting a lot of confidence from it, but when he gets in there he will realise I’m a year on and a completely different fighter”.

Buglioni fought fire with fire in the opening round against the solid, compact fighter who landed with heavy right hands though Buglioni got the champion’s attention with a right hand of his own. The ref scored it 99-91.

Nascimento, 34, had the size advantage over the 6’1″ Chisora, but he was too sloppy and wild to land many of his wild windmill shots against the British fighter.


Chudinov, though, was the better man, and demonstrably so.

Leigh Dawney  Getty Images