Clay Matthews yells ‘YOU AIN’T RUSSELL WILSON’ at Colin Kaepernick

Matthews said after the game that the celebration was all in fun.


Well, on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers, he was at it again after he got to Colin Kaepernick.

Perhaps Matthews meant that Kaepernick ins’t like Wilson because he doesn’t have a girlfriend like Ciara.

Colin Kaepernick probably doesn’t enjoy being when compared with his section competing. The Packers sacked Kaepernick six times on the way to the victory and added a verbal hit to the pounding after Kaepernick slid for a short gain late in the game.

The linebacker also piled on with a little bicep kiss, which definitely seemed to be a mocking of the quarterback’s signature celebration.

Well, that used to be Kaepernick’s oft-used celebratory move, but he hasn’t had many occasions to plant pecks on his muscle-bound arms these days.


Kaepernick finished 13-of-25 passing for 160 yards and an interception. Certainly Kaepernick missed several open receivers Sunday, and even his vaunted running ability has been largely muted this season.

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