Clinton Insists There’s No Need to Apologize Over Private Email Server

Bernie Sanders, of Vermont, has narrowed.


“Yeah, I might. That’s right“.

The day before, Sanders picketed outside a Cedar Rapids plant that produces specialized starches alongside union workers engaged in a battle with the plant’s parent company, Ingredion, over new contract negotiations.

Those are his strongest poll numbers yet.

In Iowa, Clinton remains ahead of Sanders, but her lead has slipped by 13 percentage points among the state’s likely Democratic voters, according to the poll.

But Lowe said he will caucus for Sanders in February. But at the breakfast, he alluded to his growing popularity among voters and other candidates with deeper pockets. “And I feel very good“. “People are asked to provide any copies of any of these materials that are the subject of the debate“.

Other Democrats said they liked Sanders’ calls for free college tuition and better wages for the middle class. Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank) said last week that the inquiry should end. Sanders led a group of almost 100 campaign volunteers through Milford streets, only stopping to shake hands and take pictures with residents on the sidewalk.

One sign of Donald Trump’s rise to the front of the pack of Republican presidential candidates is not only the flack he’s taking now from some of his fellow Republicans, but even from the Democrats.

“They’re gonna be ups and downs in polling along the way, but our key is to stay true to who we are”, he said. He has served as the paper’s National Editor, Political Editor, White House correspondent and Southwest correspondent.

How can we build a movement against the billionaire class and endorse pro-corporate politicians who oppose single-payer healthcare while supporting the Trans Pacific Partnership?

Sanders provides a contrast to Sec.

Some might have interpreted this as an Emailgate apology, particularly because some supporters argue that she’ll never move past the issue if she doesn’t say she’s sorry. At one point, she did grab a building public address microphone and told the crowd “buy American products from American companies”. The front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination says… Richards worked at the facility for 23 years as an oiler, doing jobs like greasing conveyer lines. You’ll be able to speculate on political potential situations. Sanders would face a revolt from the pro-business Democratic Party establishment.

“A lot of people like Bernie”.

“It was a bad idea, a serious lapse in judgment, but that’s not the same as saying it leads to criminal liability”, he said. “I’ve got a statement for Ingredion, and that is that when you sit down and negotiate it’s not a take-it-or-leave-it proposition”. “All of us are living a little bit better because of that”. “But as we get closer and more information starts coming out, it will show that candidates like [Sanders] do not achieve what they want to achieve”. “You’ve earned them”. “Everybody knows that’s greed”, declared Sanders, “and everybody knows that greed is destroying the United States of America”.


Voices From the Heart, which consists of 200 members, was invited by Clinton to sing at the event on Saturday, The Daily Caller reported.

Clinton says no email apology: 'What I did was allowed'