Clinton Jokes About Email Investigation

But the papers said her lawyers – Karen Dunn and Miguel Rodriguez – didn’t respond to questions about emails on Clinton’s separate server.


Questions keep swirling about the electronic correspondence of Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, whose use of a private email account while secretary of state has dogged her on the campaign trail.

Left unclear was what, if any, special precautions were taken since May 22, when intelligence officials first declared one or more of Clinton’s emails to be classified, to ensure the data was secure.

The former secretary of state was forced to hedge her original defense after the State Department retroactively classified an email in May before publishing a batch of 296 Benghazi-related records. Clinton and her aides were briefed on security clearance protocols.

Clinton reiterated on Saturday that she used one email account to conduct work and personal business while she served in the Obama administration for ‘convenience’. And also McClatchy Reports Service revealed Tuesday that 2 of these included classified data, based on the Intelligence Community Inspector General’s office building.

Part of that investigation now includes examining the server turned over Wednesday by a Denver company that managed the Clinton email system. When Clinton turned over more than 30,000 emails to the department in December, she said that she had deleted an equal number that were personal, including messages about the planning of her daughter’s wedding and her mother’s funeral. New revelations that several emails on her server were classified as “top secret” and a widening inquiry involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as reported by McClatchy, are pushing the issue from a sideshow into the spotlight.

As a reminder, Petraeus plead guilty to misdemeanor charges after keeping physical copies of classified information locked in a desk drawer at his house.

But a second email reviewed by Charles McCullough, the intelligence community inspector general, appears more suspect.

Kendall also told State he handed over three thumb drives that contained Clinton’s emails.

“Nice to be here”, Clinton said as she started an hour-long stroll through the fairgrounds at the side of former Iowa Democratic Sen. Two were sent back to the State Department for review, but Grassley said the other two were classified at the closely guarded “top secret/SCI level”. “They were not marked as classified”. True enough, when Hillary became secretary of state in 2009, departmental rules did permit officials to use home computers.


“Once again, anxious supporters see signs of a bunker mentality in response to bad news about her e-mail server and other controversies, and they see a candidate who can seem strangely blinkered to the threat posed by a lesser-known challenger”, according to a new story in The Washington Post.

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