Clinton says she’ll offer plan for ‘Wall Street abuses’

After nothing that each candidate went after her tenure at State, Clinton said, “Let’s send them a copy of my book”, her spokesman recalled.


Clinton said she would offer a comprehensive plan created to deal with problems in the future. I listened to that for a while and ten I thought maybe they just don’t know“. “Hard Choices” details Clinton’s four years as USA secretary of state under President Barack Obama.

The campaign says Clinton sent the books last week to 14 candidates who participated in the September 17 Republican debate, each with a personalized letter.

A Clinton aide said Tuesday that she got the idea after last month’s GOP debate, where candidates piled on her record and questioned her accomplishments.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will host a community forum on Wednesday from 1:30 3:30 the WestFair Grounds.

Several Republican candidates are campaigning in Iowa today as well, including Bush, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. “There are so many of them, they could start a book club”.

“I’m going to be proposing in the next week what I think will be the best way to go after Wall Street abuses and rein in the too-big-to-fail banks and other institutions”, Clinton said at an Iowa campaign stop. Not sent a book: Jim Gilmore.

In a note that accompanied the book, she tweaked the Republicans.


From working to restore America’s standing in the world to bringing crippling sanctions to Iran to negotiating a ceasefire in Gaza, please enjoy all 596 pages of my time as secretary of state.