Clinton says she opposes Keystone XL pipeline

“Therefore, I oppose it”, she said.


Tuesday’s announcement tracks with what Clinton has said about Obamacare in the past: She supports the law, but feels tweaks and changes are needed.

But while she stayed mum, progressive challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) said.

Her political opponents have already spoken out.

Hillary Clinton might not think the Keystone XL pipeline a good idea, but others sure do.

Mrs Clinton has previously avoided taking a position on the matter. She was responding to voter questions following a healthcare event at an elementary school.

If she were president, moreover, Clinton’s opposition would hardly help cultivate cooperation on trade and cross-border regulation with Canada.

“The pharmaceutical industry has become a health hazard for the American people”, Sanders said in a statement. “It is also a clear sign that the public is looking for clean energy solutions rather than more high-risk fossil fuel development”. Clinton went on to explain her stand to the Drake student who asked the question about the pipeline. Her party is full of left-wing environmentalists who detest this economic project at all costs.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals support Keystone. “So I thought this would be decided by now, and therefore I could tell you whether I agreed or disagreed”, Clinton says”.

She said she will soon release a plan to knit together energy production and distribution across North America.

“Hillary Clinton’s decision to oppose Keystone is a missed opportunity to seize the true potential of our energy renaissance”, said API President Jack Gerard.

As president, Clinton says she would stop drug companies from spending government grant money on advertising and implement a plan to protect consumers and encourage innovation.

Clinton’s main rivals for the Democratic nomination have long opposed the project.

The announcement puts a severe dent in the plan of pipeline supporters to wait for the next president, should Barack Obama reject it as most expect.

“What this probably means…is that they will probably continue with the two segments of the pipeline as they are right now”, Moore said.

Until now Clinton had been conspicuously silent about the transnational oil pipeline, which would transport crude oil from the Canadian tar sands through the U.S. to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

AP said in a blog post that scientists who agree that humans significantly contribute to climate change do not like “skeptic” because it necessarily implies that such people want to do further research or analysis on the matter. The former secretary of state has credited the law with driving down the rate of uninsured Americans and chastised Republicans who have sought its repeal. “It’s a distraction from the important work we have to do to combat climate change”.

Many labor unions have pushed for approval of the pipeline, saying it would create thousands of construction jobs.

Many things have changed since TransCanada proposed its pipeline.


The State Department, which will make a recommendation to Obama when it is finished with a review of the project, said there is no timeline for the completion of that review. But in the past year oil prices have plunged, prompting some oil sands companies to delay projects.

Hillary Clinton asks protesters opposed to the Keystone XL oil pipeline to stop disrupting her campaign event Friday in Portland Maine