Clinton Takes on Sanders’s Free Tuition Plan

Five recent polls lead me to conclude America will again vote a Democrat into office in 2016.


New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan has announced she’s running for the U.S. Senate.

Polls from New Hampshire mirror the Iowa polls with one major difference. The other problem is that Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate, is not fundamentally different from the scion of the Bush dynasty.

Many people who don’t know a few of the other Republican candidates are already familiar with Trump from his role on NBC’s “The Apprentice”.

Sanders came out in front in New Hampshire with 48 percent, compared to Clinton’s 39 percent. With Biden in the race, Clinton gets 33 percent, Sanders 28 percent and Biden would capture 22 percent.

Trump leads Fiorina by 5 points in New Hampshire, 21 to 16 percent, followed by Bush at 11 percent and Sen. NBC News is out with fresh polling data from the Hawkeye and Granite States that may stir additional consternation in Democratic circles. First, his socialist message and analysis dovetail greatly with much of the history and politics they learn at colleges from their aging New Left professors. And Sanders draws these crowds consistently in every part of the nation including deep red states.

During her tenure in the Obama administration, Clinton, by her own frequent boastful admission, was the hawk in the Cabinet pressuring the president to be even more aggressive in his drone assassinations and murderous air wars, which have destabilized the region and created what the pope recently termed the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War.

Fully one Republican voter in 6 remains undecided, with the Pennsylvania primary still a half-year away.

Roughly six in ten registered voters hold unfavorable views of Hillary Clinton, with nearly nobody undecided, thanks to her brand saturation.

Donald Trump weighed in on a couple of impersonations of him that appeared on the season-41 premiere of Saturday Night Live, and the outspoken billionaire gave them mixed reviews.

Because of Iowans’ deep disapproval of Hillary, she loses hypothetical races against all of the Republicans polled.

Trump’s lead in Iowa though has narrowed. Both Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are gaining in the polls at Trumps expense.


On the Republican side, Carson had the highest favorability with 77 percent.

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