Clinton, Trump lead primary pack in Quinnipiac Poll

But 29 per cent of GOP primary voters surveyed said they would definitely not vote for Mr Trump, and his support fell slightly from the 28 per cent registered in Quinnipiac’s August survey of the 2016 race.


Public Policy Institute released a poll of Florida Republicans on Thursday which shows Trump ahead with 24 percent with a host of candidates clustered up for second place.

While Donald Trump continues to lead in the latest national poll by Fox News with 26%, Bobby Jindal is now at zero.

Trump told a convention of black business leaders Tuesday that Marco Rubio has gotten too much attention for eclipsing Jeb Bush in some polls of Republican primary voters.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump bashed Boeing Co. on Wednesday over its plans to open a new facility in China that the company’s largest union says could hurt American workers.

While he is not leading the pack, Florida Republicans have a high opinion of Rubio with 80 percent seeing him as favorable while 12 percent see him as unfavorable. She’s above water against Trump by just two points (45-43). More than 30 agencies on 24/7 alert at this nerve center controlling an army of police because both fiorina and Carson are gaining ground and bush and Rubio seeing minor gains, as well.

Still, the poll does offer Trump and other candidates like Carson and Fiorina who have never held elected office.

Hillary Clinton remains the Democratic front runner in the new poll, holding a 43-to-25 percent lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, with Vice President Joe Biden’s potential candidacy getting 18 percent.

Since Sunday, he has been sharply criticized by Muslim organizations, and rebuked by other candidates who say he should know that there is no religious test to be President. Trump was quoted as saying about Fiorina in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Just before the event, Trump officially filed with the state Republican party to appear on the First in the South primary ballot in February.

Trump also leads, with 22 percent, when likely voters were asked who has the best chance of winning the general election in November, 2016.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he doesn’t believe in climate change and that measures to fight it would “imperil the companies in our country“.


More than any other candidate’s, Trump’s campaign is predicated on the present. Foreign policy/national security was named by 21 percent, followed by immigration, named by 14 percent. Also, 59 percent of those polled were men and 41 percent were women.

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