Clovis leaves Perry campaign, will work for Trump

Clovis, a veteran campaign leader, had been a big score for the Perry campaign when he signed on with the team.


The Washington Post reported Tuesday that Clovis will serve as national co-chairman and policy adviser for Trump.

Clovis is a Morningside College professor and former U.S. Senate candidate.

The Trump campaign relished announcing the defection on Tuesday night, as it is a huge blow to Governor Perry who has run into financial difficulty and has been forced to stop paying staff.

Clovis, in a statement, said “I am humbled and honored to join the Trump team”, and predicted Trump would be “leading the way” next year when voters congregate at homes and school buildings to voice their support for their favorite Republican contender.

He was introduced by Trump tonight in Dubuque, Iowa at Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign rally.

Trump’s campaign said it hoped to use Clovis, to ‘tap into his expansive expertise in economics, national security and worldwide relations as a key member of Mr. Trump’s national operation’.

Clovis also said he was no longer being paid by the Perry campaign, which is struggling to raise money.

In Nevada, Trump has hired Charles Munoz to be his state director.

But pro-Perry outside groups amassed almost $17 million on his behalf over the same period.

Perry himself, in the meantime, has continued to marketing campaign closely in Iowa.

Nashed confirmed hours later Monday that the campaign has “started putting people back on payroll” in Iowa and South Carolina.


Perry’s senior Iowa strategist, Robert Haus, stated the marketing campaign was presently restructuring the Iowa employees, which initially numbered 10 individuals, together with Clovis.

Trump poaches campaign staffer from Perry