CNN Poll: Fiorina won debate, Trump still leads

In a 2016 Republican presidential race that has been driven by the appeal of outsider candidates, yet another has shouldered her way into the mix – former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina. Trump has become increasingly critical of Ms Fiorina as her standing has risen.


“Look at that face!” Basically-disappointingly-the majority of the candidates expect our next president to be a man. Trump said that he is not opposing the use of vaccine, and is in the favor of vaccines.

Carly Fiorina got a significant bump from the second Republican presidential debate, but Donald Trump isn’t going quietly. I have won every poll in terms of, you know, the debate, but I think certainly – and this happened with Fox also – certainly I got the toughest questions.

Carly Fiorina listens as Trump clarifies his previous statement about her appearance by saying, “She’s got a handsome face, and I think she’s a lovely woman“. I think that in terms of body language alone, Jeb’s biggest problem is, he shouldn’t be going for “most improved” at this point. The candidate followed Trump in amount of talk time with just over 15 minutes. “I also think that it will be a good chance to hear from some of the other candidates who have not received a lot of press coverage”, Kahsay said. With 22 percent support among GOP primary voters in the state, Fiorina has a 4-point edge over Trump, who gained 18 percent of support.

Mr. Trump pleaded not guilty and then they went back and forth over who was being influenced by big money.

She spoke with startling candour at Wednesday’s debate about the death of her stepdaughter to drug addiction and the need for better treatment, revealing a painful episode that many people watching were unaware of: “My husband, Frank, and I buried a child to drug addiction”. “I mean it would be hard not to be substantive for three hours”.

Meanwhile, a Voter Gravity poll released Friday shows that Fiorina has taken lead in New Hampshire over the 16 other Republican candidates.

The 16-candidate field could begin to thin as third-quarter fundraising reports are filed next month, but Mackowiak suggests not by much.

“I can guarantee you that this campaign is about you and what issues matter to you most”, he said.


For now all eyes are on how the polls respond to Round Two.

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