Coke takes minority stake in organic juice maker Suja Life

He is also the president of Coca-Cola worldwide which covers its Asia Pacific, Europe and other markets.


The Chesterman Company bottles much of its Coke products in Sioux City, while the Mitchell warehouse served as a key hub for distribution in central South Dakota.

“I write to request you clarify the nature of the University’s relationship with these projects, and that you review the academic integrity of any grant agreements in the past or present between professors and researchers at your institution and the Coca-Cola Company”, the letter to UC reads.

“Some of those fans have said that they won’t purchase our products in the future if we partner with the Coca-Cola Co.”, Church said in a blog post on Suja’s website.

Professor Gill says there are plenty of weight management strategies that are not getting discussed because they are “boring” and work against the interests of groups like Coca-Cola.

Reportedly, Coca-Cola was to receive an option to buy all of Suja in three years, but such a provision wasn’t mentioned in Suja’s press release. Part of the reason why this investment is taking place is because the Philippines is one of the healthiest, fastest growing economies in Asia.

“We’re currently in a $1.2-billion (investment) program between now and 2020 in the Philippines. (This country) is the 12th largest in the world in terms of sales and volumes so, therefore, we will always have investment here”.

“I am pleased by Mr. Kent’s public pronouncement that the way in which Coca-Cola engaged the public-health and scientific communities was ineffective, but the company’s actions were possibly worse than that because they attempted to confuse the public”, he said.

He further commented that Coca-Cola business is a substantial employer in the country, have had good dealings with the government.

Bozer said they are still in the Philippines’ top five corporate employers, with 10,000 workers to date.


The stake at Suja will strengthen Coca Cola’s already rich portfolio and help it bolster its presence in the juice category.

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