Competitive eaters chow down on goat meat to help Cubs break curse

If that’s the case, Kobayashi and his crew will be heroes in Chicago; and seeing as the Cubs wrapped up a historic win against the Brewers last night, they’re off to a good start.


Only time…and the Major League Baseball Playoffs will inform whether or not or not their effort was profitable. Or Moises Alou will come out of retirement and have the ball stolen from his glove by an asthmatic accountant in a Moises Alou jersey. Wait, you don’t know the LOTG? For some fanbases, believing that their team is cursed based on long ago events are a part of the tradition of growing up in that area. 6, 1945, when tavern owner Billy Sianis bought a box seat for his goat, Murphy, for Game 4 of the World Series at Wrigley Field to help promote his establishment.

The Cubs have tried many things over the years to reverse the so called Curse of the Billy Goat, which supposedly has prevented them from winning a World Series since 1903. I feel like I’ve been hungry enough to eat a 40-pound goat, but would probably get like 1, maybe 1-and-a-half pounds into it before passing out into a food coma.


Five guys…including noted Competitive Eating Champion Kobayashi gathered around the “Goat”…all 40lbs of it and proceeded over the span of 12 minutes to make it all go away.

Competitive eaters devour a goat in order to lift Cubs' curse