Computer glitches hit NYSE, United Airlines and Wall Street Journal | euronews

The technical glitch at the NYSE followed “network connectivity issues” at United Airlines that affected 4,900 flights worldwide, and forced the company to hand-write tickets for passengers at multiple airports.


The New York Stock Exchange halted trading Wednesday morning due to what it has called a technical glitch.

The stock exchange outage seemed, in the main, to prevent fearful investors from selling up in panic at the financial crises in Greece and China.

Simultaneously, the web site for The Wall Street Journal went down, displaying a 504 gateway timeout error.

United States markets were in the red even before the halt, which started just after 11:30 am ET, as the slide in Chinese markets spurred concerns over its impact on global economic growth. The Wall Street Journal Website was also briefly not working today.

About 900 flights were initially disrupted by the United Airlines malfunction, with more delays expected.

“I’m torn, because it’s pretty insane the idea of an entire airline shutting down, or the stock exchange shutting down, but at the same time it’s kind of a sign of our times”, Graves said. “We will be providing further updates as soon as we can, and are doing our utmost to produce a swift resolution, communicate thoroughly and transparently, and ensure a timely and orderly market re-open”. 700,000 ongoing transactions had to be manually cancelled by employees before the system could be rebooted, according to the New York Times. The companies involved are all business operations that rely on massive computer systems.

“The platforms were put in place 10 to 15 years ago”. “That doesn’t mean they’re bad. I would venture to guess the answer is no”. According to the company, the problem was related to “network connectivity”.


NEW YORK – It was a rough day for tech: The nation’s biggest airline, its oldest stock exchange and its most prominent business newspaper all suffered technology problems that upended service for parts of the day. “It’s not surprising this is happening, but it is scary because all of our lives depend on these things”. By issuing terse, three-sentence statements alluding to a vague “configuration issue”, that’s something the New York Stock Exchange failed to do on Wednesday, Torrenzano said. “If organizations respond quickly and professionally, that’s kind of the best you can hope for”.

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