‘Connect NC’ Bond Passes Sentate With No Money For Connections

“There is money for an academic building boom, “$980 million for 14 campus capital projects across the UNC system”, Senator Kathy Harrington, Republican of Gaston County told her colleagues, plus “$350 million to the North Carolina Community College System’s 58 campuses for new construction.


Recently, the same Republicans decided it made financial and logistical sense to move all other primaries to the same date, including those for U.S. Senate, Council of State positions, the General Assembly, judgeships and county commissioners. Other projects, however, included in Gov. Pat McCrory’s original $3 billion Connect NC proposal are still on the cutting room floor, including $11.5 million for a new visitors center at the Battleship North Carolina and $3.5 million for shoreline protection improvements at the Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson Historic Site near Orton Plantation in Brunswick County. “They can get 15 percent, 20 percent of the vote and win the whole state”.

The North Carolina General Assembly did some heavy lifting this week giving final approval to significant legislation that overhauls Medicaid, expands economic development incentives and moves the 2016 primaries up to March. WFDD’s Keri Brown broke down what we know so far in an interview with Sean Bueter.

The time constraints of an early primary, as well as the costs of a longer campaign season, could disadvantage new local candidates, said Anita Earls, executive director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice.

“If you want to provide adolescent and teen pregnancy services in North Carolina, then don’t provide abortions”, he said.

He has visited Winston-Salem in an effort to gain support for a run for higher office. “And they have the power, and they can make the rules”. The presidential primary candidate lists would be finalized January 5.

McCrory had favored a larger proposal that would include money for roads.

– February 19: deadline to register to vote in primary.

He said increased media attention and competition for the candidacy could motivate more independents to vote in the primaries. “That’s going to be a billion dollar project probably”. So what differences can people enrolled in Medicaid expect?

– December. 1, 2015: candidate filing period begins.


“It’s another frustrating indication of what’s wrong when the structure of your political system is determined by partisan interests instead of by neutral, nonpartisan interests”.

Legislators vote to move primaries to March