Corbyn election causes spike in Tendring Labour support

I would disregard the polls all together because there are lots of people out there who haven’t bothered to think about how they will vote in a referendum”.


Asked if the shadow cabinet faced some robust discussions, he replied: ” Yes, I think you are right”. Clegg isn’t being naive and ignoring his party’s failings: in particular he accepted that the strategy of fighting the general election from the centre ground was flawed.

The shadow justice secretary told BBC One’s Sunday Politics: “What’s happened is an natural disaster in the Labour Party”. This is a very bold and open offer to those people.

Lady Tonge said she had known Mr Corbyn for a long time, sharing support for Palestine and meeting Hamas leaders on a joint trip to Gaza.

Sources close to Mr Corbyn said the allegations were without foundation.

UK global Development Secretary Justine Greening told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show that she believed Cobyn’s plans to renationalise the railways would be “an ideological joyride”.

“Whether we remain in or out of Europe is an existential question for Britain – if we leave we face an uncertain and isolated future; if we stay in we can lead as a strong European power”, Clegg will say.

“What I hope emerges from this is the creation of a common sense centre-Left formation made of sensible Labour, the Lib Dems and indeed some Tories who don’t like the direction of their party”. That’s a shocking indictment of how much damage Tony Blair’s “new” Labour has done.

Labour’s shadow energy minister Clive Lewis has defended Jeremy Corbyn’s decision not to sing the national anthem during a Battle of Britain remembrance service, branding it a song about “a non-existent deity, saving an unelected head of state”.

After talking to the refugee and his wife Wegdan, Mr Farron said: “It is a reminder of what life is like for most of the desperate people who fill our television screens every night”.

Since the general election, we have signed up 20,000 new members. We need a continuous at sea deterrent.

The chair of the Labour Friends of Israel (LFI) group, Joan Ryan MP, reportedly issued an invitation to Corbyn to address a reception to be held at the party’s annual conference next week, against the backdrop of concern from the Jewish community in the United Kingdom over Corbyn election.

The party leader, who described Mr Corbyn as a “gent”, told Sky: “I’m very clear that if you want a political party that is moderate, that is socially just and economically credible, there is one”.

Asked if members were giving the new leader enough rope to hang himself, he replied: “We’ll have to see if he does hang himself in any way”.


Of course, it is hard to predict how effective these policies would be if implemented, and Mr Corbyn will have to deal with the small matter of a General Election before he can find out whether he will get the chance to put his proposals in place.

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