Corbyn: Spending £100bn on Trident ‘not way forward’

Corbyn promised a “kinder, bottom-up, more inclusive” politics with real debate.


Britain’s new opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn will seek to quash criticism he is unpatriotic and promote unity in his party in his first speech to the Labour party’s annual conference on Tuesday.

Labour released pictures of Mr Corbyn preparing for the biggest challenge of his leadership so far by relaxing in burgundy socks and pool side shoes, characteristic of his laid back style.

“Our economy must deliver security for all, not just riches for a few”, Corbyn said as the panel was announced.

“Even more inspiring was the unity and unanimity of their values”. Respect for other’s point of view.

He said: “It’s that sense of fair play, these shared majority values in Britain, that are fundamental reasons why I love this country and it’s people“.

After receiving a standing ovation on his description of the New Politics as being a kinder, caring and more adult approach, he launched into a series of new campaigns.

“They are Labour values and our country’s values”.

The Labour leader will also hint at the possibility of using the activists who support him to outflank his members of parliament.

“But in developing our policy through the review we must make sure that all the jobs and skills of everyone in every aspect of the defence industry are fully protected and fully utilised so that we gain from this, we don’t lose from this”. I don’t believe anyone has a monopoly on wisdom – we all have ideas and a vision of how things can be better.

Sky’s Senior Political Correspondent Sophy Ridge said most unions did not want the motion to be debated by the conference because it risked a split in the party.

McDonnell is a long-time ally of the party s new leftist leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose rise has been compared to the leftist parties of Podemos in Spain and Syriza in Greece.

Ahead of this weekend’s Labour Party conference in Brighton, Mr McDonnell told The Guardian: “We accept we are going to have to live within our means and we always will do – full stop”.

According to the Guardian, McDonnell won an “ecstatic reception” when he said Labour’s plan to “balance the books will be aggressive”.

“Economic growth that will reach all sections, all regions and all nations of our country”.


Unlike predecessors such as Tony Blair, he vowed that neither he, his shadow cabinet or Labour MPs would “impose policy or have a veto” on what the membership decides.

Corbyn used his speech to attack'hedge fund tax breaks