Corrie live episode viewer proposes via Rovers Return blackboard

He said he’d known right from the start of his most recent contract that his character would be killed off dramatically but that he’d had to keep the plot details a closely guarded secret.


Will Sarah end up turning Kylie into the police?

Strictly Come Dancing star Georgia May Foote has gushed about her beau Sean Ward, congratulating him on his performance during Coronation Street’s live episode.

“I’ve waited a long time for this so in a way I was ready for it, but in the same breath nothing can prepare you for being on Coronation Street and for playing the bad boy”.

The cast had two weeks of rehearsals for the live ITV 60th anniversary episode. “With all live productions you want to raise your game and do something slightly different”. “So the auto will be driven by a professional driver but will be followed by a secondary vehicle in case the first one breaks down”.

EastEnders also posted a tribute in which actor Ricky Norwood, who plays Arthur “Fatboy” Chubb, advised the cast to steer clear of indulging in any Dutch courage before going live. Special mention to fab writer Debbie Oates and director John Anderson.

They vowed to dispose of the body and cover up Kylie’s crime – but will they get away with murder?

It comes after the announcement that Coronation Street’s current producer, Stuart Blackburn, will leave the role to work on other drama projects within ITV. Completely brilliant Corrie Live.

On top of this, one lucky fan will be given the chance to have their tweet or Facebook message written on the empty blackboard in the Rovers Return.


Now Callum is dead, and hidden beneath the cobbles under a manhole by David Platt, actor Sean says he is relieved that Corrie bosses didn’t try to make his character mend his ways. David is quite good at these things and trying to find his way out of it. I’m sort of left as, ‘What do I do now?’ I’m hanging!

Georgia May Foote and Sean Ward
24 September