Cortana now provides translation services

Indeed, some users have been so concerned about privacy on Windows 10 that they have deliberately held off upgrading.


And that’s the real key to Windows 10’s success: new applications.

The new Microsoft operating system has also been criticised for its extensive background data collection on users.

That’s not only upset some consumers who have experienced glitches and even problems starting Windows following an update, but has gone down very badly amongst corporate system administrators.

The days of charging PC owners $100 or more for a windows upgrade are long gone, with Google Chrome, Apple, and others now offering operating systems and web browsers.

Microsoft Translator is the translation software that Microsoft crams into a number of apps for smartwatches, tablets, smartphones, and PCs.

The free upgrade strategy has helped Microsoft capture 5 percent of the market share. It can show, search and launch Windows Store apps. Microsoft has recently pushed a Windows 7 and 8 update that does all of the same shenanigans.


Project A2 is made possible by new tools in Windows 10 that make it easier for IT professionals to provision devices and ensure that they comply with company policy. One major difference between Windows 10 and previous Windows versions is the peer-to-peer update distribution scheme Microsoft has decided to employ. Windows 10 Mobile requires a huge 8GB phone storage, which means the operating system is not for phones with smaller storage. No more micromanaged unnecessary layer of screens to get through to get to the home screen. And it could ultimately transform Microsoft into the “cloud and services company” Satya Nadella envisioned when he took over as CEO. Lastly, Windows XP is in third place, collecting 12.14%, a decrease by nearly one percent since last month. And best of all, it adds the classic start menu. These early numbers are a great sign, but only time will tell if the strategy will play out as planned.

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