Cowboys worth $4 billion according to Forbes

“And I truly believe that I have learned a very valuable lesson about just how delicate a balance we must maintain in keeping ourselves and our team focused on the preeminent goal of winning games”.


Dallas owner Jerry Jones has a history of making investing choices concerning the Cowboys, even if his player personnel decisions have been lamented at times. He wrote an entire article that was run n ia major New York publication that apologized for calling out his quarterback.

Overall for the Giants it was a disappointing opening weekend as they had a chance to pick up an upset victory but come away with the same result they have had the last five season openers; a loss.

We know because of the wonderful Win Probability Calculator via

It was Manning who instructed Rashad Jennings not to score on first and second down at a time inside the two-minute warning when a touchdown would have given the Giants a 10-point lead.

New York Giants running back Rashad Jennings said that he was ordered not to score a touchdown on two late running plays during the club’s 27-26 loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Jennings reached the 1, setting up third down.

The strategy backfired when Manning threw a clock-stopping incomplete pass on third down. The problem was Manning didnt realize Dallas did not use a time out with 1:54 when the Giants declined a penalty after a first-down pass to Odell Beckham Jr. Instead, the Cowboys march down the field for the winning score in 82 seconds. At this point, they still could have salvaged some advantage by going for it. Scoring, again, would have put them at a 97 percent chance to win.

It means the American Football side go above Real Madrid, who had topped the magazine’s annual poll of the world’s most valuable franchises in July.

The Giants were leading 23-20 with just two minutes remaining. “That would’ve made a bigger difference than anything”.

If you thought it was uncharacteristic of Eli Manning to make game-turning mental mistakes on not one, not two, but three consecutive plays Sunday night, you should have seen him at his locker afterward.


The cornerback has a sprained left knee after it was initially feared he potentially suffered a season-ending ligament tear.

Jason Witten celebrates game-winning touchdown